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Main Objective

Ireland-Nigeria  Business Association (I-NBA)  was founded in November, 2010 with the aim of promoting and developing the Trade,Industrial links and Cultural  exchange between Ireland and Nigeria.

Vision statement

"To be the platform for positive Trade, Investment,and Cultural exchange between Ireland and Nigeria".

Mission statement

This Association is a non-governmental and member driven. I-NBA encourages knowledge sharing and networking amongst Irish and Nigerian business communities. Promoting the expansion of trade and investment between Ireland and Nigeria , in this I-NBA takes the role of a quasi chamber of commerce.

Membership of I-NBA

Members of the Association are drawn typically from a wide range of Irish and Nigerian organizations and firms,which includes the Service,manufacturing,and financial sectors. This includes large corporations,Government agencies, small and medium enterprises,as well as individuals professionals and students.

I-NBA membership is open to the general public and private sector.

One of the aims for the coming year for the Association is to facilitate the networking and interaction between members and the general public of both countries through Seminars,Business Breakfast Meetings, Business Networking Events,Trade fairs and Expo's of the highest caliber, which would be held both in Ireland and Nigerian. Also, we would include an extensive media covering of all events held.

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Long Live Nigeria ,  Long Live Ireland.
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Ireland-Nigeria Business Association has launched a Travel Management Service for Companies and Individuals travelling from Ireland to Nigeria on Business trips.(Nigeria to Ireland Travel Services would be announced later).

Our Business Travel Management Services include:

Ireland-Nigeria Business Association in now offering translation services of English to any of the main Nigeria languages:

  • Yoruba
  • Hausa
  • Igbo

For more information, email or call Us. See contact page.
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